Here's a small collection of my design work from the last year or two. Please take a look and if you think you'd like to work together feel free to contact me. Thanks.

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Southbank Centre
July 2011
I was contracted by creative agency Firechaser to redesign the Southbank Centre website in preparation for their 'Festival of Britain' last summer. The design had to compliment their current brand and website.
Hyper Active Broadcast
April 2011
Hyper Active Broadcast provide equipment to the TV and feature film industries and have worked on many major features including Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and Narnia to name but a few. The website had to capture the glamorous image of the industry, while maintaining a professional business manner. These designs were produced based upon wireframes received from my contractor, Osbourne Carter.
Energy Assessors
February 2009
Sussex based Energy Assessors perform energy efficiency assessments on residential properties in the UK prior to their sale, and they chose to hire me to create their new company logo. The brief specified that the logo should be simple and professional and ideally would incorporate an image of a house. The initials of the company, 'EA', were used to create a logo-mark that also forms an image of a house. This project turned out to be the first of many that myself and Energy Assessors owner, Dayo Badejo would work together on.
"I had not met Matthew Harpin before when I came across his company during a search on the internet. In the short space of time that I have known him, I find his services and ideas very unique, he just asks a few questions about your business and he comes up with ideas and results you can not ignore. When I initially contacted Matthew it was supposed to be a one off service but I have since gone back to him several times."
Dayo Badejo
Energy Assessors
Cobus Theme
October 2011
Cobus is a template I designed for sale on the Themeforest marketplace. It sold well as a PSD template and is currently being developed into a wordpress theme. You can see the full template here.
Vandoos Cable
June 2010
Vandoos Cable are a canadian manufacturer/distributor of high end audio visual cabling. Owner Martin Carle contacted me to create their new identity. It had to be 'cool' and 'modern' and contain a graphic element that could be used outside of the logo and as a standalone symbol.
Freedom Group
September 2009
Castus Design are a fast growing web design agency based in south yorkshire, and a long term client of mine. They asked me to design a new website for their client - Freedom Group, a multi-national, world class provider of engineering services. The brief called for a bold, unique, and interactive design solution and had to conform to strict brand guidelines. The scale of this project was vast and involved several collaborating design firms, my role was to produce visuals that pleased all parties. Visit Website
"Matthew has been a valuable resource for us. We have been using him to design websites for us for over 2 years now, his work is consistently of the best quality, and we plan to continue using his services for a long time to come. I thoroughly recommend Matthew to anyone looking for a talented and reliable designer."
Gary Hides
Castus Design
Adee Jewellery
January 2009
Adee Jewellery are an online retailer of gemstone & gold jewellery and operate out of northern England. I was asked by them to create their new brand identity including logo design, business stationery, packaging, gift cards and website design; that would appeal to an audience of both men and women, aged 25-50+. The range of branding materials had to 'hang together' and create a consistent brand image of elegance, exclusivity and luxury. Visit Website
February 2009
LeafletPrinting.co.uk are one of the UK's largest printing superstores, providing nationwide low-cost printing solutions. Owner and long time client of mine, Barry Pearson, hired me to undertake a complete re-brand of the company which included a new brand identity, corporate ID materials, website design, logo design and promotional print materials. According to the brief, the new identity had to be fun, welcoming and colourful, but with a professional edge. Visit Website
"Matthew was an absolute pleasure to work with. He went to great lengths to understand my needs and delivered a fresh new brand solution for my business."
Barry Pearson
Excellence in Manufacturing #2
February 2009
This was an unused logo design concept for Excellence in Manufacturing. This design will soon be published in Logo Lounge Book 6.
"Matthew's creativity and passion for his work became evident from the moment I approached him to create a brand identity for my business. The quality of output and his thoroughness in trying to understand my requirements was exemplary. Not only that, he delivered on all his commitments." "I would say that his services represent true value for money and as such I would whole-heartedly recommend him."
David O'Malley
Excellence in Manufacturing
Lincoln Cathedral Quarter
March 2009
Lincoln Cathedral Quarter is an alliance of shops, businesses and institutions within a radius of Lincoln Cathedral, increased tourism and support for the local area as the goal. The website had to do justice to the beauty of the local area and had to show respect for its long history and heritage. My client for this project was Castus Design Visit Website
1st 4 Rugs
September 2010
Galvin Broughton, 1st 4 Rugs contacted me to create a full brand identity for his online business 1st 4 Rugs. He needed an identity that would communicate class and exclusivity. The website is not yet live, I will add a link as soon as possible.
"Conscious of the fact there are a million and one designers in the world, I was on a mission to find a designer who thinks outside the box. I approached Matthew after seeing his impressive portfolio and posed a question to him. 'Is it possible to make selling rugs look classy?' As you can see on the portfolio the answer is quite simply yes. The standards, quality and speed of his work are 2nd to none. I would be happy to recommend his services to anyone and feel somewhat proud of what he has done for my company. Please feel free to contact me if you need any further confirmation of which path you should chose to taking your business to the next step."
Galvin Broughton
1st 4 Rugs
Excellence in Manufacturing
June 2009
Excellence in Manufacturing provide consultancy support for manufacturing businesses within the UK, the overall aim of which is to improve the Net Profit for the customer. Owner David O'Malley contracted me to design the new identity including logo design, business stationery and website. The brief was as follows... "The logo design should be contemporary and convey the impression of a "quality" company. It shouldn't be too fussy or complicated or difficult to reproduce. I believe that in this application "simple is best"." Visit Website
"Matthew's creativity and passion for his work became evident from the moment I approached him to create a brand identity for my business. The quality of output and his thoroughness in trying to understand my requirements was exemplary. Not only that, he delivered on all his commitments." "I would say that his services represent true value for money and as such I would whole-heartedly recommend him."
David O'Malley
Excellence in Manufacturing
Reclaim the Dance Floor
May 2009
Established party venue Reclaim the Dance Floor, Ibiza, needed a website that would fit seamlessly into their existing brand family and give them a solid web presence that would do justice to their offline brand image. Castus Design hired me to achieve this, my role was to work with the existing brand guidelines and extend them to suit the web without compromising the brand image as a whole. Unfortunately this site is password protected so wont be able to see it online.
Dudley Child
September 2008
Dudley Child were a new executive recruitment company in Leeds, UK. I was hired to create the logo and website that would be the beginnings of their new brand. Both the logo and website had to be professional and corporate, giving the impression of a capable and trustworthy young company who are driven and motivated. Visit Website
"Matthew, Jordan and I would like to thank you for the fantastic job you have done on developing our website and our corporate logo. We were particularly impressed with the way in which you spent time to understand the kind of "feel" we were looking to achieve and the way we wanted to be perceived in the marketplace. The final design of our corporate logo and website is exactly what we were looking for and really sets a solid foundation on which we can start to market our business and build a brand."
Lee Child
Dudley Child
Elements Medi-Spa
August 2008
Elements Medi-Spa is a luxury spa facility in Doncaster, UK. Owner Sandy Green needed a unique, elegant web design that would match the style of the spa itself and the brand. According to the brief, the web design needed to incorporate floral details and should use the colour scheme of the spa's interior - crimson and gold. Visit Website
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